Disc Pain

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One of the common causes of low back pain is an intervertebral disc bulge or disc herniation (a more severe version of a disc bulge). These are also sometimes referred to as ‘slipped discs.’ An intervertebral disc is a jelly-like substance that acts as a cushion between our vertebral bodies (spinal bones). For example, every time we take a step it is our discs that cushion the impact on our spine.

Our discs can become injured in a number of ways. If they take too much load, they can be pushed out of their sockets, leading to a disc bulge. Often, they wear out over time until a single incident overloads the disc. These incidents can be something as simple as bending to pick up a shoe, or something more strenuous like completing a heavy deadlift in the gym.

Disc injuries can cause varying degrees of pain. The amount that the disc has bulged is not always representative of how painful the injury is. For example, some people with a large disc herniation have no pain at all and others with a small disc bulge can suffer severe levels of pain. Certain movements will cause more pain than others.

To add to the complicated nature of a disc injury, the pain from a disc bulge may not always be localised to the back. Sometimes, a bulged disc can come into contact with one of the many nerves that travel out of the spine. This can impinge or trap the nerve, leading to tingling, weakness or numbness down the affected area.

Chiropractic is a cost-effective, non-invasive and safe form of treatment to help manage symptoms associated with painful disc bulges and herniations. At Chiropractic Touch, the chiropractor will first take you through a thorough history and examination. After a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan will be designed for your needs. As your symptoms improve, rehabilitation exercises and strengthening will be provided to keep your spine healthy and strong.

If required, the chiropractor may decide to send you for an MRI or x-ray to determine the exact location of the disc or to rule out other conditions. If the disc injury is suspected to be too large for manual therapy, the chiropractor will also discuss with you other options for treatment.

For caring, patient-focused chiropractic care for your disc injury, call Chiropractic Touch today on 8322 0102 or book online on our website. Centrally located in Adelaide’s southern suburbs in Old Reynella SA 5161, Chiropractic Touch is also within easy reach of neighbouring suburbs such as Reynella, Woodcroft, Happy Valley, Sheidow Park, Morphett Vale, Hallett Cove, Noarlunga, Christies Beach Lonsdale and Trott Park. 

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