Neck Pain & Headaches

May 3, 2018 by admin0

Neck pain is a common symptom of many Australians.

One of the major causes of neck pain is from ‘tech neck’ or ‘text neck,’ and is related to the rising prevalence of technology in our society. Mobile phones and computers are a staple in our lives – for work or social interaction or to search up information – and while it may make our lives convenient, it can also be a literal pain in the neck.

When we use our phones or computers, we unfortunately tend to put our necks in poor positions or postures. Over time, these sustained poor postures can lead to our spinal joints in the neck becoming inflamed or ‘fixated.’ These fixations lead to limited movements in our neck and eventually pain. Similarly, our neck muscles then tend to overwork in order to compensate for these fixations – when overworked, muscles can also become inflamed and cause pain.

Other causes of mechanical neck pain can be through trauma – in sports or car accidents, for example – or poor posture in other work environments, such as truck driving or overhead lifting. Sometimes, our sleeping may even be the cause for our neck pain if the pillow we use isn’t the right one for us!

As many of us know, neck pain can be very stressful to deal with in our everyday lives. In fact, the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study ranked neck pain as 4th highest in terms of disability; there were 291 other conditions it was ranked against.

How can chiropractic help neck pain?

‘Fixations’ in our spine can be particularly painful and annoying to deal with. The chiropractors at Chiropractic Touch are able to identify which segment(s) are fixated and provide relief via manual adjustments, instrument-assisted adjustments or mobilisations. Soft tissue work may also be done if the muscles around the neck have seized up.

At Chiropractic Touch, our chiropractors want the best for their patients. We strive to prevent recurrence of pain via exercise and advice based around your lifestyle and needs.

For caring, patient-focused chiropractic care for your neck pain, call Chiropractic Touch today on 8322 0102 or book online on our website. Centrally located in Adelaide’s southern suburbs in Old Reynella SA 5161, Chiropractic Touch is also within easy reach of neighbouring suburbs such as Reynella, Woodcroft, Happy Valley, Sheidow Park, Morphett Vale, Hallett Cove, Noarlunga, Christies Beach, Lonsdale and Trott Park.

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