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Dr Jessica was exposed to chiropractic at the age of 10 when her mother travelled to Australia from Asia for Chiropractic care. Seeing the benefits of how Chiropractic has tremendously changed her mother’s life for the better, she decided to work towards giving others hope by being a chiropractor herself.

Dr Jessica graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT) University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Applied Science, and then in 2007 with Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia presented Jessica with the ‘Personal Achievement Award’ in acknowledgement of her outstanding diligence and performance in RMIT chiropractic programme. After graduating, Jessica has gained considerable experience practising in Victoria & South Australia. While working in other practices across Adelaide, Jessica’s passion in caring and helping others to regain health through chiropractic has moved her to start a practice.

Dr Jessica and Dr Ilias decided to join venture and start a practice together in 2014 as they both had the same passion and goals in giving hope and seeing the very best in people for their health. They both are a husband and wife team at Chiropractic Touch passionately adjusting and restoring joint health and movement to many of all ages and walks of life.

Jessica has a special interest in extremity adjusting (shoulder, elbow, hands, knees and feet) and thoroughly enjoys seeing her patients achieve their optimal health and function with chiropractic adjustments. She is an active sportswoman and has participated in competitive martial arts from a young age, achieving her black belt at only seventeen years of age. Having experienced the beneficial effects of chiropractic treatment in her own sport, Jessica is passionate in ensuring that her patients achieve their full potential in sport, health and wellbeing.