VIP Mattress Fitting

Here at Chiropractic Touch we understand the importance of getting a good night sleep with a proper supporting mattress and the positive affects it has on the body. 

We’re proud to say that by partnering with Regal Sleep Solutions in Collonades we’re able to offer our patients the opportunity to book a VIP Mattress Fitting online with one of their Sleep Consultants to ‘fit’ you with a mattress that will provide proper support for your body and help you better hold your chiropractic adjustments. 

Simply click the button below and follow the prompts . Be sure to mention “Referred by Chiropractic Touch” in the comments section when entering your details for a special discount to be applied to your mattress purchase when booking online!

How To Book VIP Mattress Fitting

Step 1

After clicking the “Book VIP Mattress Fitting” button above, scroll down and select “Noarlunga Centre”.

Step 2

Select “Professional Mattress Fitting”

Step 3

Select “Qualified Mattress Fitting Professional”

Step 4

Select your preferred day and time.

Step 5

Enter your personal details and be sure to type “Referred by Chiropractic Touch” in the Extra Information Comments section before booking appointment. This will ensure you get a special discount on your mattress purchase for being referred by us!